Franchising Your Business

The Zockoll Group offers an effective and comprehensive route into franchising for both large and small companies that are considering this as an avenue to development and expansion. We recognize that every company is different and for us to tailor a package generally takes between three to five months as we need to fully understand how a business works and tailor the package accordingly. The project takes several meetings and potential franchisors should understand that there must be a dedicated person available to deal with franchising the business. Once completed, our comprehensive package will include every document and procedure that you will need to build a successful franchise network.

Before we meet, we will establish that the business to be franchised has the four main elements required to franchise a business. The business must be a bona fide and legal one, it must have a trading profit with enough margin in it for a franchisor and franchisee, the concept must be transferable within a reasonable timeframe and the business should be capable of being operated in all geographic locations.

Once this box is ticked, we will meet with you, without any obligation on your part to tell you more about us, find out more about your business and what the goals and aspirations of the business owners are. We will also discuss the upsides and downsides of franchising as before committing, you will need to fully understand how a franchise network operates.

Our first task in evaluating the business is to decide, with you, what format the franchise should take. Normally this would be a management franchisee or an owner operator one. We then look at the financials for both franchisor and franchisee taking into account all income streams and calculating initial fees and management service charges. Hand in hand with this exercise will be a UK territory analysis as without knowing the optimum level of franchisees, we would have no way of gauging the franchisor income. We can also produce maps for every territory.

Armed with this information we can then produce a draft Prospectus and Franchisee Business Plan.

We look at the processes and where changes need making, we will discuss and suggest alternatives for control and reporting procedures as well as disciplines to avoid franchisee conflict, before embarking on the Operations Manual, covering marketing, sales, operating and business systems and Franchisors Manual.

A training pack is produced consisting of manual, slide show and hand-outs and this covers the manual and operating procedures as well as the local marketing and development side of the franchisees business. As part of the franchisees initial package, we also provide a local marketing toolbox, full ideas to get them going. We will also run the first franchise-training course

Recruitment is a vital part of franchising and if not followed through properly, can be fraught with problems that surface sometimes years later. We not only produce a comprehensive recruitment manual and pack, we sit in and advise on the first three interviews.

You will need a robust franchise agreement and we provide a template for you to take to your franchise lawyer.

Having advised on the setting up and development of the pilot operations we remain available for a period of ?hand holding?.

What You Will Get From Us

An initial study of the business to determine whether the business is one suited to franchising and whether it would be viable. Much of this research will be used to help formulate robust procedures, management service charges and territory sizes.

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