About Zockoll

The Zockoll Group was formed out of necessity really, when one man started introducing some of his somewhat, foreign ideas to the great British public in the 1960’s.

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Innovation for generations.

Jim Zockoll was a pioneer of thought and had a history for many years as an airline pilot. With many years of flying the skies it became apparent to Jim how the rest of the world did things. Whereas most people did not consider these differences as more than just a curiosity, Jim had the ability to see what could be achieved and the sheer determination to see it through.

Almost fifty years on and the world is a very different place, but new ideas and opportunities are still abundant to the keen eye. It's not about the quick gain, but rather the care and attention to detail with which ideas are brought to life. From the way Dyno-Rod transformed how drains are cleared back in the 60?s, to the perception and expectation of a professional handyman service today.

In his 80?s, Jim still actively heads the Zockoll group of companies as chairman from our Headquarters in Surbiton. Managing the business has passed down to his son Steven and his highly experienced management team who draw from the past those experiences that make Zockoll the company it is today.

A leader in innovation and creator of great marketing makes us the perfect choice for any company to work with. If you would like to chat informally with one of our team contact us today on 0800 INNOVATE that?s 0800 466 682

Franchise Services

George Oatham
Director & Company Secretary

joined Zockoll at just 16 years old and has risen through the ranks to become one of the foundation stones of the company. In his role as company secretary, he keeps his hand in many pies and provides the 'double check' required when ideas become reality.

Franchise Services

Brian Burton
Business Development Manager

first began his involvement with Zockoll in 1992 and has maintained a variety of managerial roles within the organization. He is able to put his mind to any task required from managing the Plumbing franchise to development of the flowers business.